In recent years, Varaluz has emerged as one of the most innovative manufacturers of contemporary lighting fixtures. Their product line is unbelievably diverse, with an extremely wide variety of styles and designs. Furthermore, most of the modern lighting fixtures utilize recycled and/or natural materials, ensuring that no two fixtures are exactly alike. We at Crescent Harbor Modern have been incredibly impressed with the overall quality and design of lighting fixtures by Varaluz, and we are sure that you will be as well! Please take a moment to browse the selection of contemporary lights by Varaluz, as we are sure that you will not be disappointed.

Varaluz was founded in 2006 by Ron Henderson to aid one of the most difficult problems faced by companies – finding a responsible to use materials that will also preserve the earth. His solution was to design lighting that would make a huge impact on the environment by doing more than just creating products that were LED and CFL compatible. Henderson took them to another level by designing his lighting from waste left over in the manufacturing and distribution process.

The result of this initiative was highly contemporary lighting fixtures devoted to sustainability – thus the creation of the Varaluz lighting we know and love today.

Varaluz Lighting – Environmentally Friendly Lights and Lamps

The elegance of beautiful lighting combined with the responsibility put into creating them, makes Varaluz lighting fixtures environmentally friendly and contemporary. Those who take pride in saving the environment can rest assured that the glass is 100% recycled, and the steel in Varaluz lighting is at least 70% recycled.

Each light fixture is handcrafted from eco-friendly materials. In fact, some people might think that Varaluz lighting is a touch extreme because the glass shades are even made from recycled bottles. The company continually develops new ways to utilize reclaimed, natural, sustainable and recycled materials. Varaluz feels that this just makes sense because there is far too much waste material in the world today; their upcycling creates exceptionally awesome results as well.

“We take these responsible materials and craft fixtures the old-fashioned way with the very skilled hands of our artistic team in the Philippines.”

The Difference between Awesome Lighting and Bad Lighting

Awesome lighting has the ability to transform and bring out the beauty of any stone, as well as the shadowed drama of a composition. On the other side, bad lighting can kill the ambience of even the most exquisite piece of art. Capturing elegance is additionally what Ron Henderson set out to do with Varaluz lighting.

What to Expect From the Varaluz Lighting Collection

The collection line of Varaluz lighting varies, with a wide range of designs and styles. What you can expect with each completed product is a modern lighting fixture with a unique texture that emits personality.

Many of the lighting fixtures require hours of manual labor to apply and polish the shell. Natural fibers and mosaics are laid one piece at a time, by hand. Thus, the Varaluz lighting brand is the creation of individual pieces that are unique - with the end goal of creating handcrafted works of art that are highly textured and safer for the environment.

To put it bluntly, Varaluz lighting fixtures are not what you would expect from a lighting company, and this is exactly how they like it. The company strongly believes that hand-crafting and responsibility to the environment creates the most lasting and durable light fixtures.

This is why here at Crescent Harbor Modern, we invite you to delve into the remarkable and diverse collection of Varaluz lamps and fixtures. You will find not only designs created with recycled and natural materials that make each one unique, but high quality and exquisitely designed lighting.