Sonneman Lighting

Every year, Sonneman Lighting introduces a new, modern series of urban lighting fixtures, and we keep thinking that they will not be able to outdo their current offerings – but, time and time again, they do! They have always come up with one of the most hip, fun lines of contemporary urban lighting fixtures. Sonneman Lighting is unique in that their contemporary fixtures are very urban and have clean, crisp lines that will brilliantly accent your home in a contemporary fashion.


Finding the perfect lighting fixture to enhance a home’s ambience is the goal of every designer and homeowner, however, finding the perfect fit that is both distinguished and contemporary is not always as easy as it should be. With Sonneman lighting, Robert Sonneman filled this gap with his pioneering designs.

What to Expect

Sonneman lighting is synonymous with contemporary style and innovation. Every year Sonneman leads the way with lighting fixtures that are fun, stylish and chic. Many try to copy its brand of lighting fixtures, but somehow always manage to fall short.

Robert Sonneman – The Man behind the Sonneman Lighting Brand

Robert Sonneman is a designer with an urban edge who designed his lighting to become works of art. This is why his lighting and lamp designs are held in such high regard. No one can match his lighting’s functionality, clean lines and modern form. He successfully took lighting to new heights by combining architectural characteristics with a contemporary look.

Sonneman lighting encompasses a passion for modern interior design, Japan, and the 20th century architectural genius of Mies van der Rohe, but also weaves into the mix a uniquely American feel. Thus, Sonneman lighting fixtures range from polished and acutely simplistic, to sculptured pendants.

Sonneman Lighting: A Way of Light – The Leader in Innovation

Sonneman lighting continually investigates the range of innovation and style that creates an evolving modern genre. The company’s tagline, “A Way of Light” clearly demonstrates its devotion to designing amazing lighting fixtures with refinement and high quality.

Sonneman lighting proves that innovation, creativity, and a strong commitment to perfection begins with the design of every piece of lighting.

Sonneman Lighting – A Brief History

Founded in 2003 Sonneman “A Way of Light” is an accolade to state of the art lighting and design as Robert Sonneman sees it. Since the late 1960’s Mr. Sonneman colonized contemporary lighting design by making it a work of art, not just lighting.

Since the beginning Sonneman lighting has gained a reputation all over the world and is renowned for clever, clean lines that partner with agile function and form. In fact, Sonneman Lighting’s award-winning pieces have led the way for other designers for over four-decades now.

Thus Sonneman lighting, branded for its beauty, speaks to the designer’s belief that every lighting design should be established for the purpose of achieving high functionality combined with successfully elegant aesthetics – none of his lighting products bear his name unless these requirements are met.

The Attitude behind Sonneman Lighting

Robert Sonneman’s perceptiveness and strong communication through his designs has transcended his work to include a one-of-a-kind modernistic attitude that goes beyond the architectural genres and decorative art of the last two centuries, which has encompassed numerous modern movements of architectural and industrial design.

"I continue to investigate the evolutionary and the revolutionary as the basis for developing a cosmopolitan American style," Robert Sonneman.

At Crescent Harbor Modern, We invite you to delve into the remarkable collection of Sonneman lighting lamps and fixtures. Where you will find not only functional lighting, but works of art as well, that reflects the characteristics of minimalism, simplicity and sheer elegance.