Maxim Lighting

Maxim Lighting has developed one of the most comprehensive lines of modern lighting fixtures available on the market today. While many mass-market lighting lines are simply boring, without much sense of style or imagination, Maxim has taken the time to develop a line of lighting fixtures that covers all the bases. Strongly tilted towards the contemporary, Maxim lighting is a great choice for your home - great styling, great quality, and great pricing! Furthermore, Maxim categorizes their products in series, allowing you to illuminate your home in a common theme, which is often difficult to do with contemporary lighting.


Maxim Lighting is a leader in creating innovative and high quality lighting fixtures for a contemporary market. In fact, Maxim Lighting is strongly focused on contemporary style and, as such, the company prices its lighting fixtures at a “contemporary” price-point. That is, Maxim Lighting knows that most people can’t afford to buy high-end lighting fixtures at high-end prices – anyone remember the economic crash? This is why Maxim Lighting sells their products at reasonable and fair prices, without sacrificing any of the quality.

In addition to providing high quality lighting fixtures at affordable prices, Maxim Lighting also provides cutting-edge, one-of-a-kind style. This is, again, part of their commitment to contemporary style. They realize that true contemporary style is daring and unique, not cookie-cutter and dull.

We carry a wide selection of Maxim Lighting fixtures, including chandeliers, wall and bath sconces, pendants, etc. As contemporary as style is diverse, so too do we offer a range of Maxim products suitable to a diverse audience. For example, we carry Maxim sconces that resemble candles or disco balls or are reminiscent of medieval halls or glittery ballrooms. Maxim is not only committed to quality and affordable prices, it’s also committed to creating fun, interesting, even offbeat, lighting fixtures. After all, isn’t contemporary style like that? Fun, interesting and just a little bit zany?

If you’re looking to showcase your style and unique personality to the world without blowing your budget, take a look at our vast selection of Maxim Lighting. Their line of fixtures is so versatile, you can’t possibly go wrong.

Maxim Lighting may offer affordable prices, but their fixtures are anything but cheap. Every Maxim piece adheres to high standards of quality and excellence, and provides style, class and elegance to any home or environment. Put simply, if Maxim wasn’t committed to excellence, we at Crescent Harbor Modern, wouldn’t carry their products. Maxim Lighting’s commitment to high quality and innovative, affordable lighting reflects our own commitment to quality and craftsmanship. We want our customers to have the very best and at the very best prices.

Whatever your style, wherever you live, Maxim Lighting can add a sense of contemporary style to your life. Take a look at our selection of Maxim Lighting today! You’re guaranteed to find the perfect lighting fixtures for your home, without paying the high prices. Maxim Lighting is all about the contemporary: contemporary designs, contemporary attitudes, and contemporary prices.