LBL Lighting

For the past 38 years, LBL Lighting has built their unique interior lighting business on trust. What began as a family business in 1971 has since become part of the larger Generation Brands family. They continue to be one of the recognized leaders in the modern and contemporary lighting industry and a premier choice for lighting designers throughout North America.


Your dream space is only limited by your imagination. Your floor plan, furniture layout, color, accessories, lighting and furnishings can all work to create a space with any personality. There are so many options for lighting and lighting accessories, and at Crescent Harbor Modern we offer the best lighting brands on the market. One very popular brand is LBL Lighting.

LBL Lighting, with over 38 years of experience in the lighting market, is known for its value and unique interior lighting business. LBL prides itself on its reputation and family touch it began as a small family business in 1971 and has since evolved to join the Generation Brands Family, while still maintaining its unique approach to lighting and design. LBL Lighting is well-recognized in the modern and contemporary lighting industry as a premier choice for lighting designs throughout North America.

Ceiling fixtures by LBL Lighting are vast, having options in contemporary pendants, wall and bath sconces, indoor, and even outdoor lighting. Some of the most popular styles and products that LBL offers are their contemporary pendants in fact, many of their styles are award winning. Modern pendant lighting is one of the reasons LBL Lighting has such a strong niche within the lighting market.

Mini pendants have secured a strong position in the market. LBL Lighting has many options for mini pendants and standard sized pendants that would look lovely over any kitchen island. With a great selection of glass options, on top of well-constructed and engineered bodies of all finishes, LBL offer a great choice for modern pendant lighting. Whether you are looking for a sleek, contemporary vision and lighting fixtures to pull the whole room together, or looking for a touch of 70s flare and round glass globes, LBL Lighting will provide you with a great selection.

The lights that you choose to hang over your kitchen island provide you and your design a great opportunity to add a little extra flare, a splash of attitude and some personality to the negative space of the room. With brands such as LBL Lighting, you no longer have to consider going with standard builder finishes you can be assured that your dream space will be complete when you rely on Crescent Harbor Modern to work with you to find the perfect style to mesh form and function in any room.

Of course, if you are looking to create a more intimate space with a touch of tradition, you may consider any number of the LBL Lighting wall sconces. These are extremely well built, combining sharp, crisp lines with brilliant glass components, resulting in the sleek elegance for a space. You can even customize the amount of direct and indirect lighting each wall sconce offers.