DVI Lighting

One of Canada’s premier manufacturers of lighting fixtures, DVI Lighting has developed a broad based line of lighting fixtures with a strong emphasis on contemporary lighting fixtures. The diversity of styles and families that are offered by DVI Lighting will allow you to showcase a trendy Euro-Canadian look that you will really appreciate. The styling of DVI could be considered “thoughtful contemporary” not over the top, but giving enough flavor to their design elements to make for a truly interesting lighting option, whatever the setting!

One of Canada’s premier lighting manufacturers, DVI Lighting combines contemporary style with a “Euro-Canadian look.” Having developed a broad line of lighting fixtures with a strong emphasis on the distinctively – but “thoughtfully” – contemporary, DVI Lighting is committed to creating unique, interesting and highly innovative lighting fixtures.

Like many of the brands we offer here at Crescent Harbor Modern, DVI Lighting is committed to contemporary style. Like all of the brands we offer our clients, DVI Lighting is committed to quality. Their products may reflect high-end style, but they can also boast high quality; DVI combines a European aesthetic – clean, crisp lines, stunning ultra-modern designs – with a North American sensibility: a commitment to durability, practicality, and meticulous craftsmanship. From dining to living room to bathroom lighting fixtures, DVI is committed to matching the highest level of style with the highest level of quality in order to meet and satisfy contemporary customer demands.

DVI is also committed to eco-conscious and environmentally responsible business and design practices, which is part of their commitment to contemporary style. After all, what’s more in style than the environment? Many customers are fed up with business practices that exploit or disregard the environment, which is why companies like DVI are leading the way not only in lighting design, but also in corporate responsibility.

DVI Lighting might design trendy and innovative lighting fixtures, but they design them with the average customer in mind. This means that DVI fixtures are priced affordably, so that the average customer, whether Canadian or American, North American or European, can decorate their house with the high end style and sophistication DVI Lighting is known for. Their broad-based line of lighting fixtures has something for everyone, regardless of the diversity of tastes, experiences and styles of their audience.

We, at the Crescent Harbor Modern, are proud to offer our customers DVI Lighting fixtures, given the Canadian company’s commitment to quality, design, affordability, and the environment. In addition to the quality and durability of their products, DVI Lighting fixtures are also designed to be user-friendly and hassle-free, in that their lighting fixtures are easy to install (for example, their instruction manuals are easy-to-read and easy-to-fall; simplicity is one of DVI’s mandates).