One of the most enduring names in the lighting business, Crystorama Lighting has evolved from a pre-eminent manufacturer of crystal lighting to one of the most innovative designers and producers of contemporary indoor lighting anywhere. With a selection of lighting for every room in your home, in a multitude of design options—including Crystorama wall sconces—the offerings from Crystorama Lighting are quite versatile and of the highest quality.

Lighting can be the ultimate centerpiece for a space, whether it is a grand chandelier, one of a kind pendant lighting, wall sconces that add a touch of nostalgia and romance, or flush and semi-flush mounts to any space. Because you may be considering your lighting as an art piece, you need to look at Crystorama Lighting, as they were chosen Number One for excellence in the lighting fixtures category at the 26th annual ARTS Awards, 2015.

This company began as a small practical business five decades ago and has now evolved into a design house and manufacturer, with award winning designers and crafts people showing leadership in the lighting industry. Crystorama Lighting, under their family’s second generation leadership, is continuing to try new ideas, evolving their understanding of efficiency, form and function, and focusing on perfecting their indoor lighting options. This is just one of many reasons why we are proud to carry this brand here at Crescent Harbor Modern.

Having evolved from simple crystal lighting options to innovative designs offering contemporary indoor lighting. The options from Crystorama are very versatile and of the highest quality. We have a vast selection of their wall sconces that do anything but blend into your walls. They have developed wall sconces that incorporate two lights – they work great in any space in the home and do not have to just be considered bathroom lighting.

Modern Pendants and chandeliers are two of the many styles of lighting options to consider from Crystorama. They are very popular and Crystorama Lighting values the fact that are seen as ‘obsessed with chandeliers.’ Crystal chandeliers are one of the main foci of the lights you’ll find from them, but don’t be lulled into believing that this is the only thing they do. The selection we offer in store by Crystorama is quite diverse and surprisingly affordable, offering many contemporary and designer-focused chandeliers as part of the Crystorama series.

At Crescent Harbor Modern, we carry some of Crystorama Lighting’s most celebrated products, including their flush mounts. The neat thing about these flush mounts is that while they are still very stylish and elegant, they can illuminate areas such as hallways and bedrooms where we usually keep lighting options more simple.

Semi-flush lighting can also be options for spaces similar to where you would utilize flush mounts. To add even more to the appeal of Crystorama Lighting, the price of most of their lighting options is quite inexpensive, giving budget-savvy consumers plenty to work with and allowing us at Crescent Harbor Modern to offer you a broad range of products.